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Expertly crafted furniture & home decor. High quality sofas, cabinets and slipper chairs in beautiful weaves and stunning prints. Handmade to order. Join the Iqrup + Ritz family of makers today!


Buying + TLC

Read our Buying + TLC guide on advice on what to consider when buying a new piece of furniture! Call or email us for more information. Email: / Call: 0208 144 6801 / 0747 013 9019


Buying furniture can be really daunting, especially when you don't know how it will fit into your space. At Iqrup + Ritz, we believe that whatever piece you buy from us, you will absolutely adore (we're just that good!), but to make your lives easier and also to enable you to make the best decision for your home and for your lifestyle needs, here are some of our top tips for buying furniture (that you won't regret buying). 

india workshop sofa


Get our your measuring tape. You should always get out the measuring tape and pull it out to the measurements of the piece of furniture you're thinking of buying. It's easier to visualise how that piece will work in your space and work for your lifestyle. You should keep in mind whether there is enough space for that piece of furniture to function as it should. You might be eyeing our large 3-seater Brooklyn (and you should because it's super comfortable and ultra chic) but maybe it's a bit too big if the length exceeds the length of the wall!

Never buy something that won't work with your room. A beautiful piece of furniture never shines as bright in an ill-fitting room as it does in a well-fitting one!

And if you're particularly creative or the one dimensional measuring tape isn't making the job of buying and styling your room any easier, retrieve some scissors from your desk drawer and some old newspapers from the recycling bin (and some tape). It's time to get creative!

india delhi showroom london table desk mirror


Cut out flat newspaper templates to the dimensions of your furniture and place them around your room. This is really helpful because it helps you visualise where all the places will be in your space. If all the newspaper templates are overlapping each other, maybe you should rethink the items you're buying...


Measure your door! It's always incredibly exciting to receive your furniture order. When the van arrives and that item you've been dreaming about is carried to your door, you can't help but imagine how stunning it'll look in your home and how you're going to show it off to your friends and family. But when it can't fit through your door way, no matter how much the handlers huff and puff, there's nothing as frustrating and as disappointing! So measure your door way (and the width and angle of your stairs) and check the measurements against the piece you're thinking about. Make sure that there's enough access to all your rooms. 

Please make sure that all the pieces you buy from Iqrup + Ritz will fit through your doorway and be well-placed inside your room. All items you order from I + R are expertly handcrafted just for you and we do not accept exchanges or returns. All items are final sale. 


Each Iqrup + Ritz gem is handcrafted using traditional furniture-making techniques, a great deal of skill and a lot of love. Everything is done and finished by hand and this ensures that each piece is unique and individual, but this also means that they need a little bit of care to keep them that way. At Iqrup + Ritz, we really want you to have furniture that lasts a lifetime, and so we suggest a few tips to keep your furniture in ship-shape and full of character for many years to come.


  • Each piece of wood is unique and there will always be slight variations in colour, grain and shading. Small splits are also normal - don't worry! These beautiful, natural marks all add character to your furniture. 
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat which can stain, discolour and warp your furniture. Don't place hot items on the surface either as this can damage the wood polish.
  • Wipe using dry cloth and don't use silicone based polishes as over time it can mar the finish. 
  • Try not to drag or lean on the furniture - doing this can weaken their joints.


  • Most of our fabrics are made from natural fibres and so each may vary ever so slightly from one batch to the next. This is normal, and don't worry, we check all our fabrics and make sure that whatever we use doesn't differ so drastically from one piece to the next.
  • Our fabrics will sustain wear and tear. If you love it too much, it will look very much loved. 
  • Dust and vacuum regularly to help keep the fabric looking fresh.
  • Keep furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid colour-fading. 
  • If you accidentally spill anything, wipe using soft white cloth dampened with distilled water. Or have it professionally cleaned by a certified company who can do it onsite. Make sure to dry-clean only.
  • We recommend regular fluffing and shaking of sofa cushions to maintain shape.


  • With any glass pieces, wipe often and wipe using a dry cloth and a glass surface cleanser that doesn't leave behind any marks. 


  • Wipe marks using a dry cloth.
  • For furniture with brass detailing, like our Pebble Coffee Tables and Noma Cabinets, from time to time use brass polishes just to keep them looking perfect.